Custom Business Merchandise For Conferences



If you’ve got a big conference coming up, you’re likely already thinking about what you can take to really make the audience notice you and your company.

You’ll have your stand ready with all of its branding, but what do you have to give out to potential customers?

One of the best options is custom business clothing. This allows your audience to leave with an item that they actually want to own, that has your company logo on it for all to see.


Why Buy Custom Business Merchandise?


When you’re organising a big conference, you know that you are going to need some branded merchandise. Why? Because it’s been around for years in different shapes and forms and it’s still used because it works.

If you have an item with your name and logo on it, then customers are more likely to come back to you. The reason is simple. The attendees at the conference see so many stands in one day, and are offered so many services, that they’ll never remember your business specifically without a little prompting. Every time they wear that item afterwards, well, it’s free advertising for you!


Start a Conversation


Handing out freebies will always put you in the good books, and potential customers are more likely to consider your services if you’ve already given them something for free.

By handing out your items, it gives you a natural opportunity to engage with the conference goers and converse with them about what service you provide or item you sell. Most will listen for a couple of minutes out of gratitude for the freebies.


Custom Business Clothing: What to Buy


The standard pens and keyrings are all well and good, after all, they have your branding on so job done, right? Well, not necessarily. People are so used to getting cheap freebies that they are usually discarded as often as they are actually used. Tote bags have been popular for a long time now, but are often flimsy and badly printed, so be careful if you are going down that route.

To really capture the attention of the audience at a conference, offer them something more substantial, such as a hat or even a customised t-shirt. With these, you can even have them in both men’s and women’s fitted sizes to show that you really do care about your customers. This is going to endear them much more to your company than the standard ballpoint pen.


Think About Your Audience


Who is this conference merchandise for. specifically? If it is for a younger audience, t-shirts are popular. If it’s slightly older, you might want to splash out on polo-shirts.

What is the conference all about? Think about the demographic that will be there. If there are likely to be a lot of people into sports, then sports socks are a great, alternative piece of branding that you can use.

When is the conference taking place? If it’s into the autumn or winter, beanie hats will be popular. If it’s spring or summer, then caps may be the best option.


Quality Matters


The quality of what you buy matters just as much as deciding on the item.

If you have a custom-made business shirt that is printed well, with your logo clearly visible, and the actual material that it is made from is durable, then your audience is much more likely to wear it. If they can see your staff all wearing the same item that you are giving away, you are showing them that it is something valuable. Being able to see it on another person will go a long way in proving its quality.


How Much?


You obviously want enough stock to go around the full conference, so it’s best to buy more rather than less.

Make sure that you don’t add the date on any of your merchandise for conferences, as it means that any you have left over can be stored for the next event.


Premium Items


Another idea is to have a select few items to give away only to those people who sign up for a service or buy a product. If you are all wearing custom business apparel such as hoodies or fleeces, you can offer one similar to the first twenty people who sign up on the day – helping to grow your mailing list. This promotion can also be advertised on your social media pages, so you are sure to get a rush of interested conference goers from the very beginning of the day.

Custom business merchandise is a must for any company going to a conference. Here at Dennes Direct, we have a wide range of clothing and accessories available for you to print or even embroider your company logo onto in sharp, durable colour.

If you need something of quality to give out at your next conference, then look no further, Dennes Direct has it covered.


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