Choosing Your Uniform in Healthcare & Construction


If you’re in the healthcare or construction industries, you know that having a uniform is just part of the job. When you put on your construction work jacket in the morning, you can feel a sense of pride in what you do. Going out every day, and helping to build something for others, and improve their lives.

But when it comes to choosing a work uniform that’s of the quality you want, how do you go about it? And how do you get it printed or embroidered with the logo of your company?


Why a uniform is so Important


Having a uniform as a healthcare or construction worker is vital for a number of very important reasons. It’s these advantages that are the whole reason why uniforms are still worn in the 21st century, and why it’s so important to find high quality healthcare workwear and construction workwear clothing for you and your employees.


Makes you recognisable


In both healthcare and construction, a uniform stands out. People will be able to see and recognise your position clearly, and a uniform gives you a certain authority in some matters. If someone just started walking around a building site in a tracksuit, you’d question if they knew what they were doing. Yet once they have their construction trousers and safety jacket on, they are known to be a part of the team, and you’ll expect them to be professional.

The same goes for care assistant tunics. Wearing this uniform means that people will answer your questions about their heath, let you give them medicine, and take care of them. This wouldn’t happen without a uniform!




One of the other important reasons why employees in the construction and healthcare professions wear uniforms is for safety. Construction sites are full of dangers, and so your uniform not only gives you the high visibility that’s needed so that others can spot you, it can also protect you from the everyday scratches and scrapes that can occur while working in this environment.


A care assistant tunic prevents infection


One of the main reasons why tunics are still worn is that they are changed out of at the end of the day – many times before leaving work. This helps prevent the spread of disease and infection. It means that care assistants won’t be taking any nasty bugs home with them and when washed at a high temperature, the nurse tunics are ready to be worn again.


How To Choose Your Workwear


When choosing a tunic from a healthcare uniform shop, or a safety jacket for construction, you need to look at a few different things.

What’s the quality of the item? Is it sturdy and durable, made to withstand all the rigors of the working day? In the case of a healthcare professional, they need to be able to withstand hot washing machines and not shrink. For construction, you want quality safety trouser material and jackets need to be high-vis.


Why You Should Consider Personalised Healthcare Tunics


Having your name displayed on your uniform, or the logo of where you work, can make you look even more professional and show to everyone that you are part of a particular team.

The same goes for construction workwear. If you have the name of your company printed or embroidered on your uniform, then this will identify you on a construction site as part of a certain job or group of experts.


How to Customise


There are two main types of workwear customisation available: printing, and embroidery. To choose between them, you’ll need to understand a few facts about how they work.

Embroidery uses thread to create a logo that is sturdy and durable and will withstand multiple washes. The thread is raised from the fabric to give it a professional look. While an item can be embroidered in many colours, it doesn’t have all of the subtleties of shade that printing does. Embroidery works best on thicker fabric that can withstand the weight of the thread.

Printing uses ink instead of thread, and so doesn’t have a raised look. It is a quicker process, and so it’s great if you have a large batch of clothes that you want to customise. It can also be much more detailed when it comes to different colours and more intricate logos. While not as durable as embroidery, it is perfect for thinner as well as thicker



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