This is Why Your Business Needs Personalised Workwear


Personalised Workwear


One of the biggest ways to further your brand identity is through personalised workwear.

Not only will your employees be glad that they don’t have to shop for work clothes any more, but your customers will be more than happy to take some freebies off of your handsYou might not think that it has that much of an impact, but it can really help your company to become more memorable.

Here are five great ways that your business can benefit from personalised workwear.


Youre a Team


Customised work clothing can give your employees a real sense of belonging to the team. It shows the team members that they are all equal and working towards the same goals. Employees who wear their own clothes to work can cause tension in the office because after all, not everyone will have the same fashion sense, or the money to buy fancy business clothing.

Wearing the company logo should be a source of pride among your team members. Providing this for them shows that they are valued and unites them. If all of your employees have a uniform look, it will make them easier to identify to any customers or clients as they all have something in common.


Customers Will Remember You


Customers will come to recognise your logo much quicker when you have it on branded clothing. Whether this is clothes that your employees wear, or items that you have given to customers, branded clothing ensures that the logo and tagline stays in their mind.

In today’s world, it will also be easy for potential customers to search for your brand online – leading to them potentially using your services.

Make sure that your clothing suits your company. It doesn’t make sense for every company to invest in hoodies; sometimes a more formal jacket or a polo shirt will be more appropriate. Think about the look that you want to achieve. Is this for employees or for promotional items? Consider what these groups will want to wear, and talk to your team.

At Wear My Logo, we are a specialist in providing customised  workwear and uniforms, for whatever your business needs.


Interest in Your Company


When you have business clothing that is branded and eye-catching, people will be automatically curious. This is particularly true at a promotional event. If all of the team members are wearing the same thing, they will be easy to recognise, and so potential customers are more likely to approach and ask questions.

Having a stand thats branded will also help, but unless the team members have personalised workwear, it can be hard to tell them apart from others – particularly if its a business event where everyone is wearing corporate clothing.

Make sure that you have some of the apparel to hand out as well. This will help to promote your company even more, and if it has your telephone number or website on it, it will make it easy for customers to get in touch.


Inspiring Trust


There is something about a branded uniform that people automatically trust. It makes you look like you are in a position of authority, and so customers will listen to what you have to say and are more likely to believe in your business and what it has to offer.

Making sure that your logo is the same across the board – on your website and stationary, for example, will help to cement this in people’s minds.


Customer Advertising


Your customers are your greatest advertisement. Thats why personalised workwear is the ultimate giveaway.

Creating something that your customers will really enjoy wearing is the best way to do this. In essence, you are turning them into ambassadors for your brand every time they wear an item with your company logo on it. After all, free advertising is something that all companies want, and this is one of the easiest ways to get it.

Everyone loves freebies, and clothes are going to be much more valuable to your customers than a free pen. Think about what type of clothing they are likely to wear regularly, such as a tshirt or customised hat and decide based on that. Anywhere that your clothing goes, word will spread about your company.

No matter what your business is, personalised workwear can help you to get your brand out there. Choose good quality materials that people will want to wear again and again, and make sure when possible to stick to your brand colours, or choose a neutral colour like blue or black.

At Denneswe specialise in printing workwear for businesses in the Crawley, Reigate, Redhill and Gatwick areas. We are proud to have manufactured clothing and accessories since 1895.

We offer printing and embroidery of logos for both the corporate sector as well as a wide range of industries. Our dedicated team will oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring that you receive only the best quality personalised workwear for your business.

Simply email or call us today on 01293 535289 to find out more!


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