Printing & Embroidery

Offering an Extensive & Efficient Printing Service

Printing is a flexible and cost-effective way of creating your complex and colourful designs on clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and sportswear.

We use digital or screen printing to ensure your design is accurately reproduced with the best quality finish every time. Orders are fulfilled by our in-house team so you have the reassurance that your printing is handled personally from start to finish.


Vinyl heat seal transfers are ideal for single colour and small orders whilst modern digital printing machines offer the ideal solution for larger print runs and to deliver multi-colour and high-definition print quality.

Whatever your printing requirements, you can be rest assured that we will chose the best option to guarantee that your design or logo is finished to the highest quality and will last.

printing machine

Offering a Personal & Quality Embroidery Service

Embroidery is the ideal choice if you want to accurately personalize or reproduce your brand or logo in a high level of detail.

We can handle both large and small orders and can apply your design across a wide range of garments, including polo shirts, jackets, bags and caps.

All our embroidery is fulfilled in-house using our high-tech, modern embroidery machines, ensuring a fast turnaround and giving you piece of mind that, we alone are fulfilling the order to your specific requirements.


We can replicate the most complex of designs as up to 12 colours can be applied in any one design and this helps ensure your brand is effectively reproduced each time with a high-definition, quality finish on every garment.

We also use Madeira threads to create your design as they are well known for their strength, durability and colour-holding properties.

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