School Uniform Printing and Embroidery: Ultimate Guide


A child’s first school uniform has long been a source of pride for many parents. The picture on their first day, when they win awards, and when they eventually leave school are all wonderful memories. Having a uniform that is distinctive is all a part of this. Nothing makes a uniform stand out more than a logo.

Why Should You Consider School Uniform Logo Embroidery or Printing?


There are a whole host of reasons why school uniform logo embroidery, or logo printing on school garments, is the right choice. Both parents and kids love having specific uniforms to represent their school – here are a few of the reasons why:


  1. A school uniform is a source of pride. Anywhere they go, a child will be able to be identified as part of a particular institution. They will be a representative of that school wherever they go, and a logo shows exactly what school they are with.
  1. It’s useful for competitions. Because many schools use the same or similar colours in their uniforms, sometimes the logo is the only thing that’s different about them. For any sports oracademic competitions, it’s good to know who’s who.
  1. Everyone is the same. It’s nice for kids to have something that is exactly the same. If theyall have the exact same shade of uniform and logo to represent their school then they all feel that they are a part of something – and that they are all equal. You can never underestimate how important this is to school life.


School Uniform Embroidery or Printing?


Here at Dennes Direct, we supply the polo shirts, jumpers and other garments for embroidery and printing from our school uniform shop. This makes it easy and straightforward to place your order. The first thing that you need to decide is whether you are going to go for embroidery or printing for your uniform.

Logo Embroidery

Embroidery gives you a very high level of detail on your artwork, and with the Madeira threads that we use, you can get up to twelve colours in a single design. Embroidery is long-lasting and durable, with very minimal colour fading over time. It produces a logo which looks professional.


Logo Printing


We use digital or screen printing for our designs and with it you can get a complex logo in bright colours that are sure to stand out from the crowd. It is a low-cost method of printing. Digital printing is ideal for large print runs and for designs with multiple colours and high definition.


Which is Better: embroidery or printing?


Both embroidery and printing have their benefits, which is why here at Dennes we recommend a mixture of the two.


  • For polo shirts, and jumpers for example, an embroidered logo would be best. This works best on thicker fabric, and is designed to be very durable, just like our garments. They will last wash after wash without fading and the raised effect from the thread looks very smart and professional.
  • For sportswear, printing is usually better. The logo can be printed much larger on the thinner material of a sports t-shirt, and in very bright colours so that they will stand out on the pitch.


Things to Remember


It’s still a hard decision to make, and there are certain things that it’s important you don’t forget when considering your options.


  • Embroidery is more expensive, and the more colours you need, the more difficult it will be. Consider a simpler version of your school logo if you need to keep the costs down. We try to colour match as close as possible, so let us know the Pantone number if you have it.
  • Printing is cheaper but isn’t as durable and works better onthinner fabrics than on thicker. It is best used for garments that you know won’t be worn as much or that you need a lot of throughout the year.


How to Order from Dennes


Ordering a school printing or embroidery service from Dennes couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on 01293 535289 or email us at sales@dennesdirect.co.uk to get the conversation started. You can find an easy guide to all of our artwork requirements, but we are happy to talk you through the process as well.

Until its recent closure the Tesco school uniform embroidery service was a popular choice for many, but here at Dennes, we pride ourselves on adding the personal touch. We provide personalised advice on your school uniform logo and help you with the details, so you can get a garment that works best for you and your school.

Whether you are thinking of printing or embroidery, buying your school uniform direct from Dennes will mean you have a high-quality garment that both parents and kids will love.


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